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Loree Air is a Certified Weld Repair Station that specializes in Aircraft Engine Mount and Fuel Tank repair. We are capable of doing most aviation related welding. Please feel free to contact us regarding your needs and we will be happy to provide you with an estimate (Pictures or a visual inspection may be necessary).

We may provide 8130's upon request.

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Aircraft Engine Mount Repair, Aircraft Fuel Tank Repair, Aircraft Welding

Logistic Specialties, Inc.

​"Logistic Specialties, Inc. (LSI) has been partnering with Loree Air for over twelve years in support of the State of California’s (CalFire Aviation Management Unit) wild-land firefighting fixed and rotor wing aircraft fleet. As LSI’s premier welding repair vendor, Loree Air has continually provided outstanding workmanship and service on a wide range of aircraft component weldment repairs for this critical statewide firefighting program. Not only does Loree Air’s work exceed all FAA repair and documentation requirements, Steve Loree is always a pleasure to work with. Logistic Specialties, Inc., a seasoned, 40 year old provider of aviation & aerospace engineering, maintenance and supply chain management services to State, Federal, commercial and military operators, highly recommends Loree Air for all of your welding needs."

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Aircraft Engine Mount Repair, Aircraft Fuel Tank Repair


6440 Capitol Ave. Ste. A

Diamond Springs, Ca 95619



T: (530) 621-3300


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Aircraft Engine Mount Repair, Aircraft Fuel Tank Repair
Aircraft Engine Mount Repair, Aircraft Fuel Tank Repair

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