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Taking Pride in what we do!

Loree Air is committed to providing our customers with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! We treat every item that comes into our shop as if it were going to be installed on one of our personal aircraft. We dedicate ourselves to promoting aviation safety through quality workmanship. If, for some reason, there is an issue with our customer service or the quality of our product, please let us know and we will do everything possible to ensure that you are taken care of!


Loree Air, Inc. is happy to provide it's customers with a One Year (unlimited hours) Warranty. This covers any defects within the repaired part caused by our repairs during "normal" operation of the aircraft. The warranty will not be honored if it is determined that the part in question was installed incorrectly by the customer.

When a "partially repaired" part is in question, this warranty will only cover the areas that were repaired.

This warranty entitles you to a repair of the defective part or area; or a full refund of the repair cost. This decision will be made by Loree Air, Inc.


Loree Air, Inc. is not responsible for any downtime, damage of property, labor, or injury that is caused from our services, even if it is derived from an error on Loree Air, Inc.'s behalf. Our warranty guarantees that our services will provide you with a correctly aligned or fitting part in regards to factory standards. This will not include instances where improper fit is due to other damage or modifications that were not relayed to Loree Air, Inc. before the repair took place. 

In regards to warranty work, all shipping costs  from the customer's facility to our repair shop will be paid by the customer and the cost to return the warrantied part will be paid by Loree Air, Inc. unless otherwise decided by Loree Air, Inc.

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