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Engine Mounts

Aircraft Engine Mount Repair, Aircraft Fuel Tank Repair


  • We strongly advise against powder coating any structural air-frame component. This can cause cracks to go unnoticed.
  • DO NOT use tie wraps when securing wires, hoses, etc. to your engine mount. The constant vibration from the engine WILL cause chaff marks.
  • If a flaw on any structural member of your air-frame has exceeded 10% of the materials wall thickness, we strongly advise having it inspected/repaired in order to prevent in-flight failure.
  • ​A quick visual inspection of your Engine Mount does not always qualify as a true inspection.  There could easily be inner tube corrosion on the lower sections of the lower tubes due to moisture collection in those regions.  We suggest having your mount inspected by a knowledgeable and qualified technician.

Our specialized repair procedure for engine mounts has evolved over 20 years of experience and we are confident in the quality of our product!

The repair process begins with a visual inspection of the mount by our lead inspector after all coatings have been removed. It is then placed in a fixture to check if the mount is in alignment. It will then be tagged "repairable" or "non-repairable" according to the visual inspection results. It is also inspected for cracks using an approved method. A preliminary call is then made to the Owner/FBO to advise about our findings and the approximate cost (if price has deviated from estimate) for the mount to be repaired. We then proceed with any needed repairs, S/B, and AD's. The mount is inspected, once again, for cracks with an approved method. If needed the repair areas are normalized. A corrosion inhibitor will also be added to the inside of the tubes if applicable. The mount is then re-cleaned, primed, and painted. We usually paint mount factory colors. Custom colors are available upon request.

In some cases we may request the firewall dimensions from the aircraft.

We may provide 8130's upon request.

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***We also offer an exchange program depending on what mounts we have in inventory. A description of our exchange/core policy can be seen here.

C-180/182 Engine Mount Heat Shields
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