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Core Policy

When choosing to do an exchange with Loree Air, Inc. you are agreeing to provide Loree Air, Inc. with an exact match for the part you wish to exchange (unless otherwise agreed upon between the customer and Loree Air, Inc.)

  • The core must be a repairable part. This will ultimately be determined by Loree Air, Inc.

  • The core must be returned to our repair facilities in a timeframe agreed upon by Loree Air, Inc. and its customer

  • Parts that are being returned as a core and do not meet the standards for a repairable core will either be subject to a full core charge or a partial core charge

  • Returned parts meeting the criteria for a repairable core will not be subject to a core charge

  • If you are exchanging a core and are unsure about its condition, be sure to check with Loree Air, Inc. to find out the core charge if the part is deemed irreparable.  

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