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What kind of paint do you use? We use a high quality, top coat, manufactured by Sherwin Williams Aerospace division. Powder Coating is not used when painting our engine mounts. We strongly advise against powder coating any structural air-frame component. This can cause cracks to go unnoticed.

Do you use primer on the engine mounts before painting? Yes. After final cleaning and inspection we coat our Engine Mount with a two-part epoxy primer. This primer is manufactured by Sherwin Williams Aerospace division.

What coatings do you provide on fuel tanks? After final pressure testing, cleaning and inspection, we apply a anti-corrosive chemical to help prevent future corrosion inside and out. We then use a two-part epoxy primer on the outer surface to further protect from corrosion. This primer is manufactured by Sherwin Williams Aerospace division.

What does your basic engine mount repair include? - Visual Inspection - Fixture Alignment - Media Blasting - Approved method for crack inspection - Repairs made as required - AD compliance if applicable - Additional crack inspection - Stress relieved - Corrosion inhibitor added inside tubes if applicable - Re-clean, prime and paint

What does your basic fuel tank repair include? - Visual Inspection - Clean and inspect initial pressure test to identify any hidden leaks - Repairs made as required - AD compliance if applicable - Final pressure test - Re-clean and apply anti-corrosion chemicals

What information do I need to provide when shipping a part for repair? Be sure to include the following information when shipping your part: - Your name (or company name) and return address - Aircraft registration number​ - Total time air frame - Written request for repair or a Purchase Order (if shipping from a repair facility)

If I just have one crack on my engine mount or fuel tank, can you just repair it and and bypass everything else to keep cost down? No. Since we are a FAA Approved Weld Repair Station, we issue a Return to Service tag for engine mounts. For us to do this correctly, our approved repair procedures must be followed accurately.

Do you do mobile welding? Loree Air, Inc. is capable of performing some off-site welding repairs. It is important that you contact us so that we can determine if it qualifies for a off-site repair and to determine cost.

What is used when cleaning the mount prior to inspection? We remove any oil or chemicals still on the mount with a cleaning solvent. We then media blast in our blasting cabinet.

Do you offer 8130's? Yes, 8130's are available upon request.

How much will it cost to repair my engine mount or fuel tank? In most cases we are able to give you an accurate price quote over the phone with either a detailed description of the subject part and/or pictures. In some instances there may have been details that got overlooked by the customer or Loree Air, Inc. due to miscommunication or hidden damage. In some cases our prices fluctuate due to individual part discrepancies.

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